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Healthcare IT

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Strategic Businessman Focused on Cost Savings, Optimization and Partnerships.

Technology Planning

Create roadmaps to achieve better investment insights and  identify predictive costs aligned with key stakeholders to ensure the highest quality while minimizing downtime.

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Incorporating facility and equipment usage can help to make better data driven decisions on rightsizing equipment as well as create a better understanding of when equipment needs to be replaced.

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Asset Management

Key to staying on plan, is proper governance. Ensuring the right stakeholders are in working groups to frequently review and make decisions with the changing environment. 

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Operational Optimization

Measuring patient throughput, understanding the patient journey, or targeting other specific KPI's, our end goal is to offer the highest quality of care while being cost effective. 

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Various Customer Facing Roles,
Philips Healthcare

Enable the nation's largest IDN's help navigate the ever-changing health environment through rightsizing equipment, workflow optimization, better predictive spend, and innovative financial offerings.

Associate Product Manager,
Watts Water Technologies
Helped to oversee an incremental transition of over 15,000 products to lead-free, becoming a key liaison between Product Management, Marketing, Engineering, Sales, and Development Teams to ensure scheduled product delivery.
Biological Researcher,
Nova Southeastern University

Studied the dietary effects on digestion in gnotobiotic piglets in collaboration with a wider research team. Presented research and findings at the 2012 Florida Academy of Sciences’ annual conference.

Pharmacy Associate,
Assumed various roles including account billing, filling prescriptions, inventory management, and provided J.D. Power Award winning customer service.

I’m devoted to making an impact to the complex healthcare environment

I’m continually deepening my knowledge of healthcare technologies in the complex healthcare environment.

Patient Monitoring
Enterprise Networks
Imaging Equipment
Electronic Medical Records

Who I am

With such a broad understanding of the healthcare environment and a strong technical background, I’m here to share with you the latest developments in the space. Together, we can bring better awareness to solving challenges in the healthcare landscape. Being from a family of doctors, healthcare has always has been a passion. I’ve spent over a decade in various roles and parts of the healthcare chain, while educating myself receiving a Masters in Biomedical Sciences, and currently finishing an Executive MBA.

Professional Conferences I've Participated in.

Field Service Medical
Speaker at 2020 Conference on Technology Integration
About Me
Florida Academy of Sciences - FAS 2012
Presented research findings of the effects of probiotics


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