Transforming Clinicians into Leadership

The United States has one of the most complex healthcare systems in the world.             It's being put under the microscope, more than ever before, driven by unwieldy costs, scrutiny by the public and  regulatory bodies. Healthcare will continue to transform ...

Developing a Business Plan

Why make a Business Plan? A business plan will describe how you will transform your current state from your SWOT analysis to achieve your SMART goals. While developing a business plan, it's key to have management support along the way while you're developing the plan. They ...

Expanding the Depth of the Working Group

More Into Governance Structure Previously we started giving a brief overview of how to vocalize your plan and start to set up a basic governance structure. I would like to talk about this one layer deeper.The governance structure relies heavily on the organization structure. Typical organization ...
About Me

With such a broad understanding of the healthcare environment and a strong technical background, I’m here to share with you the latest developments in the space.

Together, we can bring better awareness to solving challenges in the healthcare landscape.

Being from a family of doctors, healthcare has always has been a passion. I’ve spent over a decade in various roles and parts of the healthcare chain, while educating myself receiving a Masters in Biomedical Sciences, and currently finishing an Executive MBA.

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