How To Make Your Plan Sustainable For Years To Come

Communicating the Plan

Now that we have a fundamental plan in place, proper buy-in from leadership needs to happen to ensure that the plan can be operationalized. This plan ensures that equipment is being properly managed while making more predictable spending patterns for leadership. In order to continue the pathway of making decisions as they arise throughout management of the plan, governance committees should be set up with key stakeholders. There should be a few different committees, such as a financial, technology review and innovation committee.  

Committees should be structured around what will bring the most value to your organization.

Sub-committees could also be created for example you could have sub committees of the technology review committee be radiology, cardiology, etc. This allows for even more focused conversations and attention to the details of the plan while bringing the high level decisions back to the up the committee chain. 

The committees make the recommendations to the board, the board ultimately needs to approve the decisions made.

Having a prescriptive meeting time is important. The meeting frequency can vary depending on your needs, but should be monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, or annually. I would recommend that it be either monthly or quarterly, but I could see pushing it a little longer if there is a year where there is not much activity that is going on. It’s also important to keep the structure and the plan a routine in order to keep the plan on track and ensure that it’s successful. 

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