Understanding the Current Landscape

Start preparing for the future today, if you haven't already begun! We've previously discussed that now is a great time, if you're not already, preparing an outlook of capital and operation expenses. I will share best practices on how to start gathering the information about your ...

Navigating Healthcare Back Online

Now's the time to investigate While working with the largest healthcare providers in North America, I'm here to share my knowledge and best practices for healthcare providers  to survive in the ever-changing environment. With things starting to return to status quo, there still is blanket capital freeze ...
About Me

With such a broad understanding of the healthcare environment and a strong technical background, I’m here to share with you the latest developments in the space.

Together, we can bring better awareness to solving challenges in the healthcare landscape.

Being from a family of doctors, healthcare has always has been a passion. I’ve spent over a decade in various roles and parts of the healthcare chain, while educating myself receiving a Masters in Biomedical Sciences, and currently finishing an Executive MBA.

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