Developing a Business Plan

Why make a Business Plan? A business plan will describe how you will transform your current state from your SWOT analysis to achieve your SMART goals. While developing a business plan, it's key to have management support along the way while you're developing the plan. They ...

How To Make Your Plan Sustainable For Years To Come

Communicating the Plan Now that we have a fundamental plan in place, proper buy-in from leadership needs to happen to ensure that the plan can be operationalized. This plan ensures that equipment is being properly managed while making more predictable spending patterns for leadership. In order ...

Optimizing a Baseline Plan to Ensure It’s Operational

Incorporating Common Sense Into Your Plan With our baseline plan created, we can see the initial recommendations. If this is your first time putting together an asset plan I'd imagine that it's recommending a good majority of the equipment be replaced immediately, and it's okay!The amount ...

Making a Baseline Asset Replacement Plan

Turning Aging Equipment Insights Into a Baseline Plan By using a useful life assumption we will turn the aging equipment assessment into a baseline plan that will recommend when these assets will need to be replaced. In order to do this, we will need to define an ...
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